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We are currently looking for a new source for great Bulbophyllums so we can continue
to offer rare and unusual plants. These plants which are establishing and growing well.
A star (*) after the species means they are not subject to discount.


Bulbophyllum amplebracteatum like carunculatum but with red in the petals blooms consecutively over a few months nice BS $75.00

Bulbophyllum arfackianum alba one of the best available NBS $75.00

Bulbophyllum beccarii* The best we have ever received of this awesome species. Most have 2 good size leaves with Good roots new growth starting VERY LIMITED BS $325.00

Bulbophyllum biflorum f. alba pretty pale yellow flowers. BS $50.00.

Bulbophyllum binnendjikii finally nice plants available awesome species BS $125.00

Bulbophyllum cruentum Not easy to grow but worth the try. Deep wine flowers around the base of the bulbs. NBS $100.00

Bulbophallum contortisepalum yellow form of above twists towards the bottom BS $85.00 Bulbophyllum cornu-ovis

<--- Bulbophyllum cornu-ovis NEW Great addition beautiful foliage, and spotted flowers BS $55.00

Bulbophyllum dennisii small growing with up right spikes of large open flower BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum falcatum green rachis with creamy yellow flowers BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum falcatum reddish wine rachis with bright yellow flowers BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum fascinator semi alba BS $75.00 Bulbo. frostii

Bulbophyllum frostii ---> red spotted blooms in a pair like little boots, cute BS $55.00 Bulbo. grandeflorum

<--- Bulbophyllum grandeflorum Finally back again Large golden yellow flowers. BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum graveolens spectaculuar Bulbo bright yellow and red flowers Still small seedlings rarely offered. The price will go up as they get to NBS $35.00

Bulbophyllum imbricatum BS $50.00

Bulbophyllum kubahense Finally back again and limited NBS/BS $300.00

Bulbophyllum leminscatodes awesome flower blooms after it drops foliage. BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum longiflorum NEW beautiful large unbels tan with dark spots. BS $65.00 Bulbophyllum longissimum

<--- Bulbophyllum longissimum awesome 10 inch long flowers pink form BS $75.00

Bulbophyllum maquilingense NEW cute small plants have loads of mini flowers BS $45.00

Bulbopyhllum maximum another of the snake like black rachis with creamy flowers along both sides blooming one after the other really a nice one. BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum medusae awesome white hairy blooms large showy clumps. NICE BS $50.00

Bulbophyllum Sp* like membranifolium but pink waxy flowers wine lip BS $75.00

Bulbophyllum orthsephalum awesome species one of my all time favorites NBS 250.00

Bulbophyllum oxypterum yellow and black flowers open consecutively on rachis BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum pahudii back again nice plants BS $125.00

Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis* The KING of Bulbophyllums can get foliage up to 6 feet. Clusters of weird reddish fuzzy flowers fly pollinated. Large seedlings $95.00

Bulbophyllum purpureorchachis* NEW beautiful plants of this great species BS $150.00 Bulbophyllum tingeabarinum

Bulbophyllum tingeabarinum ‘Christopher’ AM/AOS --->  vermillion long petaled div. BS $50.00

Bulbophyllum tingeabarinum alba to pale yellow orange BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum treshhchii Looks like plumatum but much longer rose petals BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum RED virescens Finally back with nice plants BS $125.00


Bulbophyllum fascinator x phalaenopsis huge plants potted for now. BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum Wilbur Chang up right spikes consecutive LARGE blooms  BS $55.00

Bulbophyllum Jersey back again, limited, only two plants BS $65.00


Bulbophyllum fletcherianum <--- Bulbophyllum fletcherianum the picture tells it all. Call Bulbophyllum orthosephalum

Bulbophyllum orthosephalum ---> huge red phalaenopsis type foliage rarely offered. Call.

Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis 'Pleasant Dreams' HCC/AOS. Call

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