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We are currently looking for a new source for great Bulbophyllums so we can continue
to offer rare and unusual plants. These plants which are establishing and growing well,
and hope to expand into the wonderful weird world of Bulbophyllums.
A star (*) after the species means they are not subject to discount.


Bulbophyllum alticola BS $95.00

Bulbophyllum alkmaarense BS $125.00

Bulbophyllum arfackianum one of the best available NBS $75.00

Bulbophyllum beccarii* The best we have ever received of this awesome species. Most have 3 good size leaves or 3rd growth starting up. Good roots VERY LIMITED BS $275.00

Bulbophyllum biflora One of the new and exciting Bulbos the pix will tell it all BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum carunculatum <--- Bulbophyllum carniculatum Large growing Bulbo foliage 10- 12 inches yellow green flowers blooming consecutively. Nice multigrowth plants potted in bark. BS $75.00

Bulbophyllum catenulatum NEW Bright yellow hairy ends red cupped petals BS $75.00

Bulbophyllum cercanthum NEW Spidery rose ends fading to ivory BS $75.00

Bulbophyllum cornu-ovis NEW Great addition beautiful foliage, and spotted flowers BS $95.00

Bulbophyllum curtisii BS $35.00 Bulbophylluym deareii

<--- Bulbophylluym deareii Forgot these last year so they have grown well here in a year, the first just bloomed. This is the Borneo variety more colorful. BS $55.00

Bulbophyllum decurviscapum Interesting species curved downward spikes ofreddish brown clusters. The underside of the foliage is wine colored. Potted BS $65.00

Bulbophyllmum dolichoglottis BS $125.00 Bulbophyllum echinolabium

Bulbophyllum echinolabium ---> probably the king of all bulbos after phalenopsis 10-15 inch long flowers that bloom consecutively over a period of six months. Fabulous BS $95.00

Bulbophyllum falcatum green rachis with creamy yellow flowers BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum falcatum reddish wine rachis with bright yellow flowers BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum fascinator semi alba NEW Nice established plants Limited BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum flavofimbriatum* Little flower solid pale gold has whiskers instead of petals. Weird and wonderful. firm foliage is fantastic with an iridescent blue cast. LIMITED BS $95.00

Bulbophyllun frostii red spotted blooms in a pair like little boots, cute BS $40.00

Bulbophyllum garupinum (Papua) BS $90.00

Bulbophyllum grandeflorum <--- Bulbophyllum grandeflorum Finally back again Large golden yellow flowers. BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum incisilabrum NEW Yellow with nice wine red spots BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum jolandiae NEW This is supposed to be a larger type then what we once Had but do not know as we have not bloomed any yet. BS $95.00

Bulbophyllum kubahense* Spectacular spotted cherry/wine flowers 3 leaf plants growing great. Only 1 plant currently available.with 2 leaves. BS $300.00

Bulbophyllum leminscatodes awesome flower blooms after it drops foliage. BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum longicudatum NEW like a blumei but longer with a fuzzy dorsal BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum longiflorum NEW beautiful large unbels tan with wine spots. BS $45.00 Bulbophyllum mandibulare

Bulbophyllum mandibulare* ---> awesome flower, blooms consecutively glad to have these back once more they are a little tough, but worth a try. BS $75.00

Bulbophyllum masdevalliacum these are large rambling plants bloom often with these 3 inch wine edged in white flowers. BS $50.00

Bulbopyhllum maximum another of the snake like black rachis with creamy flowers along both sides blooming one after the other really a nice one. BS $50.00

Bulbophyllum medusae awesome white hairy blooms large showy clumps. NICE BS $50.00

Bulbophyllum Sp* NEW like membranifolium but pink waxy flowers wine lip BS $75.00

Bulb.nummilarioides BS $80.00

Bulbophyllum oreonastes BS $80.00

Bulbophyllum oxypterum yellow and black flowers open consecutively along rachis BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum pahudii* Best plants we have ever received large spidery flowers BS $195.00

Bulbophyllum palwense large shapely flowers creamy white with rose markings BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis <--- Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis*   The KING of Bulbophyllums can get foliage up to 6 feet Clusters of weird reddish fuzzy flowers fly pollinated. Large seedlings $95.00

Bulbophyllum plumatum dark rose wine pendant flowers nice long petals BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum polliculosum awesome mini growing nice clumps BS $85.00

Bulbophyllum purpureorchachis* NEW beautiful plants of this great species BS $150.00

Bulbophyllum pustulatum back again and really glad awesome species BS $65.00

Bulbophyllum refractilingue Glossy Cream with random wine spots. BS $65.00 Bulbophyllum reticulatum

Bulbophyllum reticulatum ---> interesting checkered foliage ESTABLISHED PLANTS YES BACK NOW BUT LIMITED this might be our last shipment too. Potted BS $85.00

Bulbophyllum rothschildianum (Adorabil FCC x Red Chimney FCC) Nice BS plants of this sib cross should be easier to bloom. BS $50.00

Bulbophyllum signatum NEW More spots! Creamy flowers overlaid with burgundy spots on the reverse and ends with a rose lip. BS $65.00 Bulbophyllum smithinindii

Bulbophyllum smithinindii ---> Orange marmalade color some rose stripping and A purple lip neat!!! Limited BS $50.00

Bulbophyllum sualwesii <--- Bulbophyllum sulawesii great Bulbo blooms consecutively on same spike these are fabulous plants and great weird 3 1/2 - 4 inch long flowers. BS $55.00

Bulbophyllum sumatrananum large spotted flowers with red center BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum taiwanense small growing bulbo with deep orange red flowers BS $35.00

Bulbophyllum thiurum NEW Similar to plumatum but creamy yellow. BS $55.00 Bulbophyllum tingeabarinum

Bulbophyllum tingeabarinum --> Fabulous vermillion long petaled clusters a favorite BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum tremulum* NEW Wine stripes hairy wine shinny dangles from lip BS $120.00

Bulbophyllum virescens Finally back with nice plants BS $125.00 Bulbophyllu<p><b>Bulbophyllum wendlandianium ---></b>  only a few available. <b>BS $45.00</b>

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Bulbophyllum Jersey (lobbi x echinolabium) awesome large flowers very colorful. BS $45.00

Bulbophyllum longissimum x fascinator Long petaled expected like both parents. NBS $30.00

Bulbophyllium Wilbur Chang up right spikes consecutive LARGE blooms. BS $55.00

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