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Sadly we lost a good number of our Phrags after a ten ton tree hit the greenhouse during Hurricane IRENE. We recently purchased a Phrag collection to replace some of our lost Phrags so we are delighted to offer some for sale now but all limited.

For the time being we will no longer be selling Phrag. kovachii, we have had problems growing them as have some of our customers BUT do well with a few hybrids.


Ekolu Quintal (Perufloras Spirit x dalessandroi) BS $75.00

QF ula'ula Haley Decker x Eric Young BS $85.00 Phrag. La Vingtaine

<--- La Vingtaine NEW (Mem Dick Clements x kovachiiOne of the NEW best crosses large red/wine flowers on tall spikes, long lasting flowers too. BS $85.00 Phrag. QF Naukana Kealoha

QF Naukana Kealoha ---> (Incan Treasure x longifolium) These are blooming awesome with a slight cast of purple in the coloring large flowers. BS $125.00

Peruflora's Cirila Alca x sib Great red to deep rose tones excited about a sib of this BS $95.00

Peruflora’s Spirit Eric Young x kovachii What can be said with parents like that. BS $95.00

QF Leina'ala Conchiferum 'Kay' x Ican Treasure making a reddish hybrid BS $75.00

QF Pink Frill Eric Young x Eumelia Arias pretty in pink nice bright color BS $75.00

QF Maliae QF Naukana Kealoha x Nicolle Tower BS $75.00

QF Makole Red Rocket 4N x Peruflora Cirila Alca great red parent BS $75.00


caudatum NEW sib cross using super parents deep mahogany pouches. These are blooming super. Most have bloomed. BS $95.00

longifolium a sib cross good parents some of these bloomed for six months! BS $65.00

reticulatum rich green flower with horizontal wavy petals BS $60.00


Phrag. grande

Grande ---> longifolium x caudatum The best phragmipedium hybrids to date with no besseae in it. Large rich colored flowers with long rose tan petals. Great for a windowsill but they will get big. This is still one of our all time favorites to grow. BS $85.00
(For awarded divisions see below.)

Grande ‘Gigantea’ 4N x caudatum huge Grande type flowers long petals seedlings BS $95.00

QF John Taylor longifolium x Penns Creek Cascade BS $65.00

Penns Creek Cascade pale Grande type BUT with very long petals. NBS/BS $95.00

Wossner Supergrande This is Grande made with caudatum warscewiczianum which the RHS has recognized as a species making a new GRANDE HYBRID.  Large BS $95.00


Charleston Sunrise Bel Royal x Mem. Dick Clements long petaled reds BS $75.00

Karame Jersey x besseae flavum nice oranges are expected BS $75.00

Mem. Dick Clements A remake using one of the biggest 4 N and reddest besseaes we list some awarded divisions of selected clones. BS $75.00 Phrag. Nicole Tower

<--- Nicholle Tower (longifolium x dalessandroi) These have been fire red and nice many branching spikes. Div of selected bloomed plants. BS $95.00

QF Red Wings (Eric Young x Red Rocket) NEW large red well formed multi floral BS $75.00

Rocquier Nicholle Tower x Eric Young An added dose of red making larger bright red flowers BS $65.00

Sendenii a remake of this classic dark pink BS $65.00 Phrag. Seymour Tower

Seymour Tower ---> (dalessandroi x schlimii) Blooming deep rose and nice BS $55.00


Phrag. grande These are The BEST awarded GRANDES to date!! Call for availability and prices. (Not subject to discounts)

Grande 'Bertsch' AM/AOS pale but large
Grande 'Maybrook' AM/AOS
Grande 'Mem. William Schroer' AM/CCM/AOS

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