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Paph. acmodontum

acmodontum ---> wonderful small growing species with great mottled foliage EASY BS $35.00

bellatulum NEW ONE of my all time favorite species love the spots sib cross New sib cross BS $45.00

chamberlainianum NEW Beautiful colorful species blooms consecutively forever NBS $45.00 Paph. concolor

concolor ---> Sib cross from Tiawan nice BS plants BS $45.00

dayanum Rare sib cross the only Paph that grows near rothschildianum  NBS $55.00 Paph. delenatii

<--- delenatii NEW Sib cross from the new colonies found once more in Vietnam. BS $45.00

delenatii alba Nice species once rare and expensive nice sib cross BS $45.00 Paph. delenatii var. dunkle

delenatii var dunkle ---> foliage near black undersides, edged in black deep rose pouch BS $45.00 Paph. dianthum

<--- dianthum Wonderful rarely offered multifloral species multi growth large plants BS $125.00

druryi NEW ‘The King’ AM/AOS x self yellow waxy flowers cute and easy BS $45.00

emersonii NEW Fantastic rare species very limited, nice plants. BS $85.00

esquirolei alba Nice plants of this hard to find species  NBS $85.00 Paph. fowliei alba

<--- fowlii alba Tiny 2 inch plants all already bloomed once of this rare species BS $65.00

gardinerii We are excited to have this once more nice plants from Europe. BS $65.00

glaucophyllum Easy blooms consecutively and can stay in bloom for many months   BS $45.00

godefroyae NEW cute mini with great foliage nice deep yellow with wine spots These bloomed so good ordered a second batch! BS $55.00

godefroyae fma. Album NEW nice foliage small growing NO spots LIMITED NBS/BS $75.00 Paph. gratrixianum

gratrixianum ---> NEW great sib cross good quality flowers of this species most bloomed BS $55.00

hainanesis NEW great soft green foliage small growing nice large flowers BS $45.00

hangianum NEW sib cross finally some nice healthy seedlings 1-2 years to bloom NBS $95.00
Paph. haynaldianum alba

<--- haynaldianum alba Nice bright apple green and white flowers BS $85.00

helenae NEW Sib cross of this adorable small growing species BS $65.00 Paph. henryanum

henryanum ---> Probably my favorite species, love the spotted dorsal sib cross BS $45.00

hookerae NEW Beautiful small growing species with stiff upright foliage < b>LIMITED BS $75.00

javinicum NEW Beautiful species small growing. BS $45.00

kolopakingii var. katherinae Sib NEW another great multi-floral not often offered NBS $85.00 Paph. liemianum

<--- liemianum Two very dark select clones of this great species  BS $55.00

mastersianum NEW sib cross An awesome species finally have nice plants to offer  BS $85.00

moquettianum Best breeding we plan on keeping some of these don’t miss out. NBS/BS $50.00

Paph. niveum

<--- niveum   small but mighty white flower sib cross from Taiwan breeding  BS $35.00

philippinense album NEW (Green Tea x self) Expecting nice flowers here NBS/BS $75.00

praestans NEW Been growing these for a while now about blooming size NBS/BS $75.00 Paph. primulinum 'alba'

primulinum alba ---> selfing nice plants of this consecutive blooming pale yellow species BS $45.00

primulinum alba NEW sib cross nice consecutive blooming pale yellow species NBS $35.00

Paph. purpuratum <--- purpuratum NEW Wonderful compact very colorful petals  BS $45.00

spicerianum The best sib cross to date these have been fantastic!  BS $45.00

stonei NEW Sib cross awesome species multi-floral rarely offered NBS $85.00

supardii NEW sib cross Fantastic multi floral species rarely offered VERY LIMITED BS $85.00

superbeins Flowering with large well shaped and colored beauiful light mottled foliage BS $45.00

sukhakulii NEW got a few in spike for a lecture and left them home so they bloomed BS $45.00

thaianum NEW a new adorable little white species, small growing, nice foliage BS $45.00 Paph. tonsum

tigrinum NEW Sib cross. Nice size very healthy seedlings  NBS $125.00

<--- tonsum we love this beautiful mottled leaf species you will too!  BS $55.00

Paph venustum var. alba

venustum alba ---> beautiful mottled foliage of this good species NBS/BS $45.00

venustum colored form beautiful plants of a new sib cross BS $45.00

vietnamense beautiful sib cross legal seedlings, pictured one was the first to bloom  BS $75.00

victoria-mariae NEW sib cross great consecutive bloomer deep rich rose coloring BS $55.00 Paph. wardii

voluntieanum NEW Sib cross a fantastic species caramel pouch,rosy petals BS $65.00

<--- wardii NEW Sib cross making beautiful flowers first to bloom shown. BS $45.00

Paph. wenshanense wenshanense ---> NEW name for conco-bellatulum nice sib cross seedlings.   NBS/BS $45.00

wenshanense semi alba first to bloom was soft creamy white with no spots BS $45.00


Akegoromo (micranthun x wenshanense) WOW! New parvi hybrid beautiful seedlings BS $40.00

Alois Handlbauer (Faniticum x hangianum) We have had hangianum hybrids in the past. Most are really awesome.  Limited NBS $75.00 Paph. Armeni-White

Armeni-White ---> (armeniacum x delenatii) New remake from Taiwan  BS $40.00

armeniacum 'Golden Emperor' AM x 'Big Pouch' NEW Finally have nice plants. BS$50.00

armeniacum x Hsinying Concon 'Ching Hua' New hybrid from Taiwan, small compact growers yellow with slight spots see pix of the first to bloom, big flower small plant. BS$50.00

Black Diamond (delenatii  x fairrieanum) New remake with awesome parents these have been fantastic having 2-3 long lasting flowers. BS $45.00

Camcloud (bellatulum x emersonii) awesome huge cream with fine spots BS $50.00

Paph. delenatii

<--- delenatii sib cross using two select clones from the recently discovered plants deep rose pouches large flowers and most are poly floral. These have been super!! BS $45.00 Paph. delenatii var. dunkle

delenatii var dunkle ---> very dark pouched delenatii foliage has near black edges very dramatic rarely offered. BS $85.00

Paph. delrosi <--- Delrosi (rothschildianum x delenatii var dunkle) The first to bloom was very dark BS $85.00

Dick Wagner (fanaticum x bellatulum) Rich green with loads of spots  BS $75.00

Dollgoldi (rothschildianum x armeniacum) A REMAKE FROM TAIWAN large deep yellow flowers nice markings on compact plants. BS $125.00

Dollgoldi (rothschildianum x armeniacum) NEW Another remake with good parents. NBS $75.00

emersonii x micranthum huge soft pink NBS $65.00

Fanaticum (malipoense x micranthum) beautiful mid way between both parents BS $45.00

Gloria Naugle (rothschildianum ‘mi 71’ x micranthum ‘ro-14) One of the best parvi hybrids to date huge pink pouch, striped petals. Beautiful compact foliage too! The first to bloom had very good color and shape. BS $125.00

godefroyae x anitum NEW Don't know how good but worth a try BS $45.00

Harold Koopowitz (rothschildianum x malipoense) see FEB ORCHIDS 1999 for a picture. BS $125.00 Paph. Ho Chi Minh x delenatii

Ho Chi Minh x delenatii ---> these should be great made with good clones, longer lasting large vietnamense flowers. NBS $55.00

Shen-Liu Golden Wunder (Lipperwunder x armeniacum)  large chrome yellow nice BS $85.00

Ma Bell new remake using great parents compact plants great for windows BS $45.00

Magic Lantern (micranthum x delenatii) We are pleased to offer this remake of what we think is one of the best Parvi hybrids. Full pink flowers  BS $45.00
Paph. (malipoense x vietnamense)

<--- malipoense x vietnamense NEW The first just bloomed see pix. BS $50.00

Mem. Larry Heuer (malipoense x emersonii) New remake from Taiwan. NBS $65.00

Misty Dell x armeniacum NEW These should be great Misty Dell one of my favorites BS $45.00

Misty Lantern x armeniacum NEW Two great parents mated for this new cross. BS $45.00

Norito Hasegawa (malipoense x armeniacum) nice plants  BS $50.00 Paph. Wolowense

Woluwense ---> (nivien x rothschildianum) new cross nice multi growth plants white fine spotting BS $95.00 Paph. Wossner Kolarmi

<--- Wossner Kolarmi (armeniacum x kolokopingii) Awesome hybrid the flowers are dark yellow stripped, multi growth plants compact with mottled foliage Kept two love it. BS $85.00

Wossner Bellarmi (bellatulum x armeniacum) BS $45.00

Wossner Vietnam Bell (conco-bellatulum x vietnamense) beautiful pink with spots BS $40.00

Yakushiji (malapoense x wenshanense) similar to Ma Bell maybe better BS $50.00


Charlesworthii x Jenna Marie looking for dark large flat dorsals BS $40.00

Fairieanum alba x Via Muchos Ninos fairieanum make great hybrids with complex NBS $55.00

Hung Shen Provocation x henryanum we expect loads of spots and pink pouches NBS $55.00

Iona (fairrieanum x bellatulum) Remake fantastic parents the first to bloom super BS $45.00 Paph. Luna Moth x henryanum

Luna Moth x henryanum ---> these will be very nice as the henryanum parent was huge BS $40.00

Doll’s Kobold (charleswothii x henryanum) a nice mini Paph with our favorite henryanum a parent. These are beautiful multi growth plants. BS $60.00

Rolfei (rothschildianum x bellatulum) This cross once hard to bloom but with the new roths and bellatuluum line breeding are easy with dramatic flowers. BS $85.00


We have a few old white hybrid divisions now, email for list. Paph. In Charm White  x niveum

Hilo Moon x Hsinying Yosemitie Saw one in flower bought all I could LIMITED BS $65.00

In Charm White ‘In Charm’ x niveum ‘Nae Shan’---> BS seedlings $45.00


I have become addicted to anitum hybrids and have added many they WILL all be awesome.

Hsinying Anita x Johanna Burkhardt long petals and dark dorsals NBS $95.00

Hsinying Anita x Johanna Burkhardt long petals and dark dorsals different parents BS $100.00

Hsinying Franz x anitum Expecting awesome multiflorals with dark dorsals NBS $95.00

Hsinying Franz x Johanna Burkhardt another dark dorsaled cross BS $100.00

Hung Sheng Eagle x rothschildianum Another awesome rothschildianum hybrid        BS $95.00

Hung Sheng General (St Swithen x anitum) NBS $85.00

Iantha Stage remake using new awesome parents should be huge wide petals NBS $75.00

Johanna Burkhardt x Hsinying Franz The dorsal could be almost all black  NBS $95.00

Johanna Burkhardt x rothschildianum  Near black dorsals on large flowers  BS $100.00

Kolosand x Johanna Burkhardt Expecting multiflorals with dark near black dorsals   NBS $95.00

leucochilum 'Red' x anitum don’t know where to put this cross but very limited NBS $55.00

Lady Rothschild x anitum NBS $95.00

<--- Michael Koopowitz x adductum v. anitum awesome hybrid as good as it gets BS $100.00

Michael Koopowitz x (adductum v. anitum x Shin-Yi Edward) --> We have become addicted to anitum hybrids these should be beautiful with Michael Koopowitz.     BS $85.00

Orchid Joe Curly Q (Spiderman philippense) Got best Paph Rochester show. BS $85.00

philippinense x Prince Edward Of York These should be awesome both parents are exceptional. BS $85.00

Prince Edward Of York* (rothschildianum x sanderianum 'Jacobs Ladder'). First made in late 1800's not seen again until now. AWESOME! 14 plus inches NBS $95.00

Prince Edward Of York x Hsinying Franz Another new addition. We saw one in bloom and added these immediately, blooming dark and long petaled BS $85.00

Prince Edward Of York x anitum we expect these to be awesome and really do not care if we do not sell any limited. NBS $95.00

sanderianum x anitum NEW these look like snderianums with dark to black dorsals BS $95.00 Paph. Shin YI Williams

<--- Shin Yi Williams NEW (William Ambler x rothschildianum) Large flowered colorful Multifloral nice plants to spike shortly.  THE FIRST TO BLOOM HAVE BEEN GREAT    BS $95.00

Spiderman x Shin-Yi Edward  Another new addition Awesome long petals BS $85.00

Paph. St SwithenSpiderman x sanderianum very long petals are expected awesome cross BS $85.00

St Swithen ---> (rothschildianum x philippinense) a new remake with superior clones BS $85.00 Paph. Transvaal

<--- Transvaal (rothschildianum ‘Boreno’ x moquettianum) Wonderful remake using good dark parents the first to bloom have had deep rich colors. NICE Multi-growth plants  BS $75.00

Wossner Black Wings (rothschildianum x anitum), can’t get much better than this      NBS $85.00


We really like the new COMPLEX hybrids and have a GREAT selection in stock all the time so budded plants are often available from different excellent breeders. BS $50.00


Wood Wonder x Macabre Zellwood Station x Hsinying Maru x Macabre Like SPOTS this is for you. One of the most exciting mottled leaf Paphs breed to date wide spotted petals NBS $75.00

Maudiae VINI hybrids new breeding from Taiwan NICE plants all have dark leaf base BS $45.00 Paph. Maudiae

Maudiae green ---> new selection some have bloomed before but nice flowers BS $35.00
Paph. Macabre

<--- Macabre line breed seedlings of our all time favorite Paph. We bought a flask and will be releasing only a few as these should be absolutely awesome. NBS $65.00


Finally able to offer divisions of our collection of antique white Paphs. Call for pricing. (Not subject to discounts).
Paph. John Hanes 'Cor Jo'

<--- John Hanes 'Cor Jo' Nice multifloral creamy white. Paph. Freckles

Freckles ---> Cream flowers with nice random fine spotting. Slight green cast to end of petals

Freckles 'Chappy' Super freckles clone, large flower sometimes multi floral

A star (*) after the species means they are not subject to discount.

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