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We have searched out new sources for our species.

Aerangis citrata small but delightful species BS $45.00 Aerangis luteoalba

Aerangis luteoalba ---> Now blooming on tiny cute plants BS $40.00

Angreacum sesquipadale NEW finally have nice plants BS $65.00

Arachnis Maggi Oei variegated Beautiful plants soft green lined with white NBS/BS $85.00

Brassavola cucullata fantastic species grows great mounted fragrant potted BS $55.00

Cattleya aclandiae love the spots BS $55.00

Cattleya aclandiae Coerulea BS $65.00

Cattleya maxima purple form beautiful large plants, one of our favorites Div. BS $75.00 Cattleya maxima semi alba

<--- Cattleya maxima semi alba 'La Pedrena' SM/JOGA DIV. BS $75.00

Chiloschista viridiflava these are mounted and double plants all blooming size BS $50.00

Cycnoches pentadactylum awesome cream colored with wine spots BS $55.00 Dendrobium amethystoglossum

Dendrobium amethystoglossum ---> An awesome species clusters of pendant white flowers with a deep amethest lip. The nicest plants we have ever had. NICE BS $55.00

Dendrobium griffithisnum deep golden yellow cascading. Nice NBS $45.00

Dendrobium platygastrium NEW Long flat bulbs clusters of creamy white flowers. BS $50.00

Dendrobium spectablie strange and wonderful flowers nice hard to find plants BS $75.00

Dendrobium spectabile v. aureum yes a green yellow form nice plants BS $75.00

Dimorphorchis lowii* Probably one of the most unusual plants in the orchid world two distinctly different flowers blooming on the same long pendant inflorescence! Male and female.One heavily scented dark yellow the other red spotted Very rare call for availability.

Dimorphorchis rossii* flowers are smaller than lowii and not as brilliantly colored. One yellow/orange the other creamy pink with wine spotting rare and exotic NBS $275.00

Dimorphorchis rossii* First time nice healthy seedlings of this awesome species. Guessing about 2-3 years to blooming size. Currently $45.00

Luisa thailandica RARE and exciting addition Nice plants in hanging baskets BS $65.00

Macradenia multifloral awesome mini plant pendent reddish flower clusters BS $45.00

Maxillaria tenufolia SMELLS LIKE COCONUT great species forms large clumps BS $35.00

Monnierrara millennium 'Magic Witch Craft' FCC/AOS Black flowers nice NBS $45.00

Oeceociades maculatea beautiful mottled stiff foliage upright spikes BS $45.00 Paraphalaenopsis labukensis

Paraphalaenopsis labukensis* ---> These have long terete pencil thin foliage that can grow as long as 5 feet. (These plants are not that long yet). Large brick red flowers trimmed in cream make this the BEST of the Paraphalenopsis FABULOUS Limited! BS baskets $150.00

Papaphalaenopsis laycockii NBS/BS $150.00

Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingue x laycockii new hybrid nice BS plants mounted BS $75.00

Paraphalaenopsis labukensis x seidenfadenia mitrata another new hybrid nice BS $55.00

Pomatocalpa spicta Beautiful dark foliage with pendant spikes of small golden yellow flowers can have many spikes on a plant making it very showy. BS $65.00

Psychopsis Mariposa Dark large form BS $65.00

Psychopsis Mariposa PELORIC FORM REALLY AWESOME BS $75.00

Psychopsis papilio alba. Healthy large NBS/BS seedlings of this hard to get species. NBS/BS $65.00 Robiquetia cerina

Robiquetia cerina ---> Wow one of our favorites nice plants yellow form NBS $75.00

Seidenfadenia mitrata Large clumps hanging down pencil thin foliage NICE BS $75.00

Sobennikoffia robusta RARE species from Madagascar large hanging plants large white fragrant flowers cascade down. Limited BS $125.00

Tolumnia Large clumps of this wonderful mini several different colors available BS $35.00

Trichophilia suavis FINALLY nice healthy seedling fragrant, beautiful. LIMITED NBS $55.00

Trichophilia tortilis fantastic species still small plants NBS $50.00

Trichophilia x ramonensis beautiful flowers rarely offered limited NBS $50.00


I love spots and the large plants below all have fantastic spotting.

Aerides flabelata interesting small growing species love the colors BS $50.00

Ascda. Thai Spots loads of wonderful wine spotting BS $50.00

Vanda Painters Dream awesome cream back ground with loads of wine spots BS $50.00

Ascda. Kulwadee Fragrance White with fine purple spots BS $50.00

Papilionanda Mimi Palmer Love this purple/blue loads of spots fragrant BS $50.00

Prapathom Gold deep golden with loads of spots BS $55.00


This group of hybrid catts caught our imagination so I added them to the 2024 list.
It changes often as groups sell out.

Bc Rustic Spots wonderful small growing hybrid loads of spots and color BS $35.00

Blc Hans Kunning Fragrant splash petaled golden orange with red flares BS $45.00

Bc Hippodamia (nodosa x aclandiae) nice lip and spots NBS/ BS $45.00

Rlc Mariah's Paradise Beautiful splash orange and purple limited 5 inch pots BS $50.00

Rlc Paridise King "Shogun' Another similar to above limited in 5 inch pots BS $50.00

Bc Amethist (purpurata x cuculatta) large starry flowers with dark purple lip BS $45.00

Blc Rungnapha Gold Small growing plants 4 inch pots BS $35.00

Blc San Damiano 4 inch pots BS $35.00

Cattleya Memoria Bleui (aclandiae x granulosa) loads of spots here NBS/ BS $45.00

Pot Burana Beauty 'Burana' HCC/AOS orange with red lip really nice BS $45.00

Procatavola Key Lime Stars wonderful mini with huge lime stars BS $35.00

Rlc Liu's Joyance 'Great Horn' BS $45.00

Rlc Shinaphat Diamond huge white bright yellow on the lip BS $45.00


Brassovola David Sander cucullata and digbyana. Fragrand large starry blooms BS $75.00

Brassovola Little Stars We really love this, Fragrant. BEST WINDOWSILL PLANT BS $35.00

Cattleya Peckaviensis aclansiae x schilleriania spots loads of spots BS $55.00

Oncidium Jumbo Gold awesome large bright yellow flowers tiger dorsals BS $45.00

Oncidium Twinkle yellow form fragrant nice clumps. In spike BS $35.00

Oncidium Twinkle red form fragrant nice clumps. In spike BS $35.00

Paphinia Majestic awesome hybrid BS $55.00

Zygopetalums various different hybrids fragrant growers choice large plants BS $45.00

Zygopedilum Advanced Australia fragrant deep purple blue lip nice large plants BS $50.00


bastianii adorable spotted with reddish baring some in spike very nice plants BS $55.00

cornu-cervi alba wonderful yellow form of the species specie NBS $45.00 Phal. speciosa

<--- speciosa love the beautiful two colored fragrant flowers most already have 2 spikes BS $55.00

tetrapis f. coffee soft milk coffee color very beautiful nice plants in spike BS $55.00


Aspidogyne argentea rich green trimmed in silvery white nice plants BS $45.00


Coelogyne usitana

Coelogyne usitana ---> So excited to have these large beautiful plants of one of my favorites, pendant spikes holding one flower but they bloom consecutively for many months. Seedlings NBS $65.00

A * (star) after the species means they are not subject to discount.
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